Hi! We just got back from WA visiting family and friends.  It was so fun and it is sad to leave everyone but we are thankful for our life here in TX too. So now we go back to meal planning.

Oven Fajitas-Adding zucchini to the veggies. Served with salsa, cheese and sour cream.  Crock Pot Refried Beans and mexi rice on the side.

Chicken Strips and Broccoli Salad (both from Costco)

Taziki’s Friday Pasta -using shrimp instead of chicken and sun-dried tomatoes instead of fresh.


Ordered and received my first Bountiful Basket this week.  I am really impressed by the cost and the quality of the produce.  I’m planning to order one every other week and making my meal plan off of what we get in our basked.  I hope we will eat more produce this way. :)

Pasta Salad – Adding bell peepers, cucumbers and garbanzo beans.  Serving/ Crusty Bread.

Quesadilla – Sauteing shredded chicken w/ bell peppers, yellow squash and onion w/ taco seasonings.  Scoop some of the cooked chicken mixture on a tortilla w/ cheese and black beans.  Fold the tortilla in half and  grill both sides of tortlla until crisp. Serving w/ salsa, sour cream and tortilla chips.

Grilled Hot Dogs – Serving w/ Corn on the Cob and Cantaloupe.

Chocolate Chip Granola -Bringing this and some of the pasta salad to a friend who just had a sweet baby girl.