Chicken Cordon Blue Lasgna – serving w/ garlic bread. -made this a couple weeks ago and froze half. Love it! One of my new favorite recipes!

Creamy Chicken Taquitos   and Carrot Apple and Walnut Salad 

Cranberry Slush (quick version)- Bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Turkey Fruit Platter -Bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Chocolate Shortbread Fingers -I made these for a potluck for Kalebs work. I’m just not sure what I think about them. I’m definitely not in love with them and probably won’t make them again.


Oven Fajitas-Adding zucchini to the veggies. Served with salsa, cheese and sour cream.  Crock Pot Refried Beans and mexi rice on the side (Didn’t make last week.)

Tex Mex Cheesy Beef Quiche -Serving w/ Roasted Broccoli (the link takes you to a meatloaf recipe but at the end she tells you how to roast broccoli and thats the only way I cook broccoli for a side) and fresh fruit.

BBQ Chicken French Breads -Serving w/ fresh fruit, veggie sticks and chips.

Baked Oatmeal Muffins -  Made these last week on a whim and they rock!!!

Whole Wheat Banana Bread – Making into muffins.


Banh Mi Sandwiches – Serving w/ fresh fruit and chips

Philly Steak Sloppy Joes -adding chopped mushrooms to the meat. Serving w/ baked sweet potato fries.

Greek Quesadillas  - going to add chicken from this recipe. Serving with whole wheat tortilla chips and hummus. This is my new favorite recipe! So much flavor of delish!

Frosted Pumpkin Bars (Kaleb’s b-day treat)

Rice Cripsy Treats and Homemade Thin Mints -Kaleb b-day treats we brought to Home Group