Documented Past Menu’s

Here are my menu’s from the last couple weeks:

Week 7/17/11
French dips
Run Down: This is my new favorite French Dip Recipe. The Broth was so flavorful and I didn’t have to doctor it at all. Yum! The leftover were even tastier.
Tamale Bake
Run Down: It grew on me. By lunch the next day I loved it. K-Loved it from the beginning. Only used one polenta and used ground turkey. Served w/crumbled tortilla chips and plain yogurt.
Chicken Enchilada Pasta (Community Group Meal) -Run Down: Whole Family Loved it! Must make again. Used 2 chicken breasts. After mixing everything together put it in a casserole dish and topped w/shredded cheese, green onions and cilantro and kept warm in oven until serving time. Only needed 12oz of pasta (whole wheat).
Cowboy Cookies
Run Down: Omitted the coconut. LOVE these cookies. Have made them twice now and despite my usual cookie issues they turn out perfect each time. My new “favorite cookie”.

-Pasta w/Sausage and Veggies –, roasted asparagus, crusty bread Run Down: I have made this dish 4 times and don’t need to refer to the recipe anymore.  I love when that happens!  This is so good, easy and versatile.  I use whatever veggies I have or on sale and we usually use chicken sausages from Costco that I just slice & quickly brown in the pan w/ onion & peppers.
Baked Salmon, Corn Salad , roasted sweet potatoes & Yukons. Run Down: This was a super easy dinner but seemed fancy.  The Corn salad is one of my summer traditions.

-Spinach Artichoke Pasta (Community group meal) Run Down: This tasted very similar to spinach artichoke dip.  It was yummy but also rich.  It was perfect for a big group of people because it was easy to make and it seemed to be a crowd pleaser.  Might make for company or a big crowd again.

Chicken, Corn & Spinach Enchiladas (from freezer)  -I use fresh spinach and frozen corn instead of the cream-style corn. Run Down: I love making a batch of this and freezing half in a 8×8 pan.  It’s tasty and pretty healthy with all the veggies.
Mandarin Chicken Pasta Salad and spring rolls from Costco. Run Down: We served this for weeknight company and it was so delish! It is a perfect summer meal.  Gabe wouldn’t touch it which was surprising but will try again 🙂
Blueberry Bran Muffins (our breakfast for the week) Run Down: These are easy to make and nutritious.  They do taste healthy so not everyone will like them but I like how Gabe will eat them and they are good for him. 

Mexican Pizza –TJ pizza dough topped with refried black beans, ground turkey (cooked w/taco seasoning, onion and red pepper) and cheese. Bake in oven until done. Top with sour cream , salsa, crumbled chips, tomatoes, shredded lettuce.
bbq Chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and Asian Cucumber salad Run Down: Kaleb loved this meal.  I found it kind of boring but I LOVED  the cucumbers and will make those again.
Baked Ziti-pasta topped with meat sauce (from freezer) & fresh mozzarella & Basil and baked in oven. Served with garlic bread.  Run down: This was easy and used up stuff we had so it worked.  It was pretty tasty too.


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