This is kind of a weird menu and almost didn’t post it but its a weird week so thats all I got….

BBQ Quessadillas– top a tortilla with cheese, BBQ Beef (I’m using this recipe) and Coleslaw. Put another tortilla on top and cook like any other quessadilla.  Delish!  Serving with baked fries and celery sticks.

Waffle Night! -We decided to get one more kitchen appliance: the waffle maker.  Gabriel is always talking about his love of waffles and he has only had them a couple times at a restaurant.  Now we can make waffles at home and we have one happy boy.  This night we will be serving waffles made from Kodiac Cakes  Pancake and Waffle mix (the best!) with berries and whip cream on top and bacon on the side.  Yum!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bars– I hope these taste like Treavor Gilberts famous bars!



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