Chicken Cordon Blue Roll Ups -Adding a little bit of light Alfredo Sauce  and steamed Broccoli to the roll ups. Serving with raw Bell Pepper Strips and fruit. Made last week and froze half of the filling. We love these so we are going to make again this week.

Pigs in the Blanket – We have an extra can of crescent rolls and this is an easy lunch for Gabe. Using turkey hotdogs. Serving w/ fruit and veggies.

Asian Peanut Noodle Salad– Adding Mandarin Oranges and package of shredded coleslaw. Serving w/ fruit smoothies.

Little Lemonies (Yummy Lemon Brownies) -bringing to our Home Group Fellowship


Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps-Served with veggie sticks fruit.

Ultimate Beef Stroganoff {Slow Cooker} – Serving over brown rice and roasted green beans on the side.

Chili Cheese Dogs – Having friends over for dinner. They are bringing the sides.

Honey and Orange Creamsicle Slushy -I made this for an after school snack for Gabe. We loved it!

No-Bake Coconut Crack Bars – Ahhhhhh! This is so good! I topped with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. Taste just like a mounds bar.  Almonds would be a great addition….

 Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes 


This week we celebrate Gabriel 5th birthday! My sweet friend Kristin and her son Dawson will be in town to visit as well. We will be eating out a lot so no real meal plan this week but here is the plan for the party food.

Funfetti Cookies – Gabriel gets to bring cookies to his Preschool to celebrate his birthday and these are the cookies he chose.

Gabriel’s Party Menu:

Pigs in a blanket, cubed cheese with pretzel picks, watermelon wedges on popsicle sticks and cake. This year Gabriel requested a chocolate cake with white frosting.